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Community Compilation on Police Abolition

Created for the opening of the Gone But Not Forgotten Quilt exhibit on October 17, ​​2016, this zine was created by Monica Trinidad and Sarah-Ji of For The People Artists Collective and Rachel Wallis, the artist and curator of GBNF Quilt Project. Their hope is that in the face of continued state violence that the quilt represents, that the zine would spark conversations and actions towards creating a world in which police are unnecessary.

POSTER: 100 Black Women and Girls Killed by the Police

Poster listing 100 Black women and girls killed by the police.

POSTER: We Stand With Monica Jones: Stop Profiling Trans Women Of Color

Poster from SWOP Phoenix, We Stand With Monica Jones: Stop Profiling Trans Women Of Color.

Say What? Media Guide for talking about trans and gender nonconforming people, youth, and people in the sex trades respectfully

This Media Guide was created by FIERCE, Streetwise and Safe (SAS), and the Audre Lorde Project (ALP).  We are all social justice Lesbian Gay Bi Two Spirit Trans Gender Non Conforming Queer People of Color led organizations based in New York City, housed in the Miss Major Jay Toole Building for Social Justice, and members of Communities United for Police Reform.

VIDEO: Taking Action for Dignity and Respect

Solutions Not Punishment led a successful action in 2015 after a trans man was pulled over by the East Point Police and harassed, threatened with a genital search to "determine" his gender, and wrongfully arrested because he was trans*. After a 2 hour rally and protest, SNaP Co received an official apology from the Mayor and Police Chief and a commitment from the city to implement new policies and provide training for all its employees that deal with the public.

VIDEO: We Are Rekia's Haven

This 2016 video from Project NIA illustrates some of the organizing and struggle to achieve some #Justice4Rekia, offered as documentation of ongoing struggle to Rekia’s family, friends and community with love and gratitude four years after Detective Dante Servin killed Rekia Boyd in North Lawndale.

A 'Zine: Featuring Writings, Art and Poetry about Police Violence Against Women and Trans People of Color

A 'Zine: Featuring Writings, Art and Poetry about Police Violence Against Women and Trans People of Color is a collection of statements, images, and analysis put out by Black women and women of color since the 2014 police shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson to raise visibility of women abused by police.

VIDEO: Our Forgotten Voices: From HIStory to HERstory

Our Forgotten Voices: From History to Herstory: Revealing Womyn's Stories Under A Police State was produced by Sadie Nash Leadership Project in 2013 and sheds light on womyn's experiences of Stop & Frisk policing and surveillance by the NYPD.

Art & Stencil Kit for Rekia Boyd

An art & stencil toolkit about Rekia Boyd, Black woman killed by Chicago police in 2012.

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Your Guide to Street Safety & Preserving Your Rights with the Police

A know your rights comic about staying safe on the streets by BreakOUT!

Get Yr Rights: Curriculum for LGBTQTS Youth and LGBTQTS Youth-Serving Organizations

Know Your Rights curriculum for LGBTQTS Youth and LGBTQTS Youth-Serving Organizations by BreakOUT! and Streetwise and Safe, published in 2015

Film the Police & Know Your Rights: A Pocket Zine!

General information on knowing your rights and filming the police.

12 Things To Do Instead of Calling the Cops

Tips for conflict resolution, crisis intervention, and keeping your and other communities safe without the police!

Know Your Rights For Women and Gender Non-Conforming People

Cartoon for women and gender non-conforming people about knowing your rights,

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Fact Sheets & Reports
Art & Media
Know Your Rights

This report gathers publicly available data from multiple sources. Under the consent decree, NOPD’s Public Integrity Bureau (PIB) began publishing annual reports on misconduct allegations against NOPD officers in 2014.

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