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***Trigger Warning: Black Woman dies in police custody***

Kimberly Clark was found unresponsive at the Women’s Jail in Memphis, TN on August 4th. She was arrested on August 2nd, 2023 and arrived at the jail with severe injuries, but she never received medical attention and was found unresponsive two days later. Kimberly's siblings are asking folks to uplift this story because they've been asking for answers and continue to be ignored.

Angel Davis graphic.png

On March 29, Angel Davis was shot by a Philadelphia Landlord-Tenant Officer while being evicted from an apartment managed by Odin Properties, a notoriously negligent landlord that filed approximately 470 evictions against its tenants in just one year. Ms. Davis will soon be released from the hospital and cast onto the street with nowhere for her or her family to stay. Her family is seeking funding to secure new housing and to begin paying medical bills.

You can donate to her GoFundme Campaign here


On February 24, 2023 39-year-old Adrienne Arrington was killed in a police shooting in Pittsburgh’s St. Clair neighborhood. Police were responding to a call in the neighborhood after someone reported a suspicious person in the area. Authorities found Adrienne Arrington in an abandoned residence in the middle of a mental health crisis. The homicide is currently an ongoing investigation, and the same has been confirmed in a press release by the Allegheny County Police.

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